1978 Rickenbacker 4000 Bass

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1978 Ric 4000 features: Cresting wave shaped headstock, Kluson riveted tuners with phillips head screws and black plastic bushings, plastic truss rod cover with logo and model name, 20 frets, glued in neck with skunk stripe, dot fret markers, no binding, pickguard, four pole pickup including cover and chrome surround, two black heptagonal knobs with silver tops, chrome bridge assembly including mutes, mono input jack.

The letters on the chrome input jack plate determine the year and month of production. The digits indicate the number of production. Some examples of 1978 Rickenbacker serial numbers are:

RA 16x 1978 January
RB 83x 1978 February
RC xxxx 1978 March
RD 204x 1978 April
RE 275x 1978 May
RF 362x 1978 June
RG 422x 1978 July
RH 434x 1978 August
RI xxxx 1978 September
RJ 589x 1978 October
RK 666x 1978 November
RL 708x 1978 December