1977 Gibson RD Standard

RD basses were designed at the Kalamazoo plant and launched in 1977.

1977 Gibson RD Standard characteristics: Silkscreened gold logo on the headstock with the "i" dot connected to the "G' and open "o", two screw truss rod cover including model name, serial number stamp on back of headstock, "MADE IN U.S.A." stamp on back of headstock between the tuners, Schaller BM tuners with Gibson logo engraved on gear plate, volute on headstock back, unbound maple or rosewood 20-fret board with pearloid dot fret markers, glued in neck, black/white/black/white/black pickguard, two black plastic pickups, three black speed knobs including numbers, three pole bridge, strapholder on body back, string thru body grommets, input jack on body front, 6 screw plastic controls access cover on body back, rectangular black Tolex case including Gibson name and and pink or purple interior, literature.

Gibson production totals show 388 Standards were shipped in 1977. Gibson continued the eight digit serial number headstock dating scheme in 1977. Ex: YDDDYPPP- The first and fifth letter indicate year of production. The second, third and fourth letters indicate the day of production within the year. The sixth, seventh and eighth letters indicate the manufacturing plant: 001 to 499 shows production rank at the Kalamazoo factory and 500 to 999 shows production rank at the Nashville factory.