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1974 Ric 4005 characteristics: Cresting wave shaped headstock, Kluson riveted tuners with slothead screws, plexiglass truss rod cover with logo and no model name, smaller triangle pearloid fret markers, 20 frets, glued in 5 piece neck with thin skunk stripe, binding on back of body (optiopnal 4005 WB model had solid white binding on both front and back of body), hollow body with sound hole, four pole neck pickup, four pole bridge pickup, white pickguard, five heptagonal shaped knobs, 3 way pickup toggle switch, four saddle bridge, chrome bridge cover, chrome tailpiece with R logo, mono input jack plate, black case with blue interior.

The letters on the input jack determine the year and month of production. The digits indicate the number of production. Some examples of 1974 Rickenbacker serial numbers are:

NA xxxx 1974 January
NB 117x 1974 February
NC 142x 1974 March
ND xxxx 1974 April
NE 318x 1974 May
NF 400x 1974 June
NG 462x 1974 July
NH 545x 1974 August
NI xxxx 1974 September
NJ 647x 1974 October
NK xxxx 1974 November
NL xxxx 1974 December