1976 Ric 3000 Bass

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1976 Ric 3000 features: Small headstock, raised logo on black truss rod cover, Kluson riveted tuners with flathead or Phillips head screws and black plastic bushings, plastic tuner shims under the tuner plates, bolt on neck with 21 fret rosewood board and pearloid dot fret markers, dual truss rods, one single coil pickup covered in black plastic, Switchcraft input jack on single ply black pickguard, two black heptagonal shaped knobs with silver tops, chrome bridge assembly including mutes, CTS potentiometers, green "chicklet" capacitor, black case with blue interior.

The letters on the chrome 4 bolt neckplate determine the year and month of production. The digits indicate the number of production. Some examples of 1976 Rickenbacker serial numbers are:

PA xxxx 1976 January
PB 121x 1976 February
PC 198x 1976 March
PD 290x 1976 April
PE 396x 1976 May
PF 474x 1976 June
PG 504x 1976 July
PH 585x 1976 August
PI xxxx 1976 September
PJ 709x 1976 October
PK 761x 1976 November
PL xxxx 1976 December