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1982 Stingray characteristics: "Pre Ernie" logo with gold lettering and ® mark, hex truss rod adjust at headstock, phillips screw tuners engraved with "Musicman" name and logo, solid maple neck with skunk stripe, black dot fret markers, four bolt neckplate including the Musicman logo and "MADE IN USA", date ink stamp on neck butt, date ink stamp in body neck pocket, black/white/black or clear oval pickguard, 8 pole humbucker pickup, 3 knurled chrome knobs and input jack on chrome controls plate, CTS potentiometers, non epoxy covered preamp, chrome 4 saddle bridge including three screws to secure it onto the body, bridge including serial number and engraved "Musicman" name, grey foam string mutes, 2 screw chrome battery cover on body back, string through grommets on body back, optional custom color finishes, black plastic teardrop case with beige interior.