1979 Musicman Sabre Bass

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1979 Sabre characteristics: "Pre Ernie" logo with gold lettering and "TM" mark, hex truss rod adjust at headstock, phillips screw tuners engraved with "Musicman" name and logo, solid maple neck with skunk stripe and black dot fret markers, date ink stamp on neck butt, date ink stamp in body neck pocket, 3 bolt neckplate with logo and Tilt Adjust, black/white/black pickguard, two 8 pole humbucker pickups, 3 knurled chrome knobs (volume, eq, eq) and input jack on chrome controls plate, switches, CTS potentiometers, preamp (not covered in black epoxy), chrome 4 saddle bridge including engraved serial number, "Musicman" name and black rubber string mutes, the serial number started with a "C0", ground wire route underneath bridge, 2 screw chrome battery cover on body back, black plastic teardrop case with beige interior.