1976 Thunderbird IV (reverse)

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In 1976 Gibson reissued the Thunderbird IV reverse body Bass. It featured the neck through body design and two pickup configuration. The adjustable bridge was now a 3 point, attaching to the body with 3 poles. The white/black/white vinyl pickguard still included the bird logo, but it was now red, white and blue with nine stars and the number "76". Thus being nicknamed the "Bicentennial Model". Headstock backs had eight shallow divets routed in the wood, hidden underneath the tuning machines to accommodate the tuner protrusions. By September the case started transitioning from a no name to the Gibson logo being silkscreened on. Sometime after then the case's neck support moved up closer to the headstock with a snap strap added to hold the neck in place. At that point the case's strap compartment moved from the back to the front.

Other 1976 Thunderbird IV characteristics: White Gibson logo with "i" dot disconnected from "G" on black plastic truss rod cover, Kluson no-name riveted clover reverse tuners with phillips head screws (w/ 2 different size bushings), unbound rosewood 20 fret board with pearloid dot fret markers, two chrome pickups each with three phillips head height adjustment screws, chrome pickup cover with (1) plastic shim, body route underneath pickguard, three silver top/gold hat shaped knobs including volume/tone words and numbers, chrome bridge cover with (2) plastic shims, CTS potentiometers, "blue drop" capacitor, input jack on body front, strapholder on upper bout NOT on body back, four screw plastic controls access cover on body back, mahogany body and neck, rectangular black tolex case with pink, or purple interior.

Serial numbers were eight digits beginning with an "00" prefix, located on the headstock back. Gibson records show a total of 91 Ebony, 224 Natural and 228 Tobacco Sunburst Thunderbird IV's were shipped in 1976.