1977 Ripper L9S Bass

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1977 Ripper characteristics: Large headstock with silkscreened gold logo including the "i" dot connected to the "G" and open "o", serial number stamp on back of headstock, Schaller BM tuners with Gibson logo engraved on gear plate, two screw plastic truss rod cover including the model name, volute, glued in fretless or 20 fret neck with pearled dot fret markers, black/white/black/white/black pickguard including Switchcraft input jack, two black humbucker pickups, chrome bridge cover, 3 pole bridge, 4 position "chicken head" tone selector switch, three black speed knobs including numbers, CTS potentiometers, "orange drop" capacitor, string through body grommets, black contoured Gibson name case with pink interior.

For the first part of the year serial numbers were eight digits beginning with an "06" prefix located on the headstock back. In August Gibson changed it's eight digit serial number headstock dating scheme to: YDDDYPPP- The first and fifth letter indicate year of production. The second, third and fourth letters indicate the day of production within the year. The sixth, seventh and eighth letters indicate the manufacturing plant: 001 to 499 shows production rank at the Kalamazoo factory and 500 to 999 shows production rank at the Nashville factory. Gibson production totals show 442 Ebony, 715 Natural Maple Gloss, 52 Tobacco Sunburst and 164 fretless Rippers were shipped in 1977.