1976 Ripper L9S Bass

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The Ripper pickguard had different configurations in 1976. It was either single ply black, black/white or black/white/black/white/black.

Other 1976 Ripper characteristics: Large headstock with silkscreened gold logo including the "i" dot connected to the "G" and open "o", serial number stamp or embossed "L-9S MADE IN U.S.A." with serial number on back of headstock, Schaller BM tuners, two screw plastic truss rod cover including the model name, volute, five piece glued in fretless or 20 fret neck, pearled dot fret markers, strapholder on upper bout, Switchcraft input jack on pickguard, foil shielding on underside of pickguard, two black humbucker pickups, chrome bridge cover with (2) plastic shims, 3 pole bridge, 4 position "chicken head" tone selector switch, three black speed knobs including numbers and metal position pointers, CTS potentiometers, "blue drop" capacitor, string through body grommets, black contoured case with pink or purple interior and sometimes the Gibson name silkscreened on.

Serial numbers began with an "00" prefix and were usually eight digits located on the headstock back. Gibson production totals show 734 Ebony, 1185 Natural Satin, 22 Tobacco Sunburst and 350 fretless Rippers were shipped in 1976.