1972 Les Paul Triumph Bass

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In 1972 the volute began to be introduced onto the headstock back. Early 1972 basses still had no volute. The four intonation adjustable saddles became metal on the two pole tune-o-matic bridge.

Other 1972 Les Paul Triumph bass characteristics: Pearloid inlaid Gibson logo on the headstock with no "i" dot and closed "o", split diamond pearloid inlay and fine trim on the headstock, Schaller M-4 tuners with Gibson name stamped into the gear cover, two screw truss rod cover including model name, "MADE IN U.S.A." stamp on back of headstock beneath the serial number, bound Brazilian rosewood 24-fret board with pearloid block fret markers, five piece laminated Mahogany glued in neck, Honduran Mahogany body with fine trim, strapholder on upper bout, two black plastic low impedance pickups including Gibson embossed logo and chrome surround, switches and Switchcraft input jack on large control plate, three silver top/black bell shaped knobs including numbers and volume/tone words, chrome bridge cover with (2) plastic shims, CTS potentiometers, resistors, capacitors, Natural finish, molded black tolex case with Gibson name and purple interior.

Gibson shipped a total of 768 Les Paul Basses in 1972. For 1972 serial numbers see the "Gibson Serial Number Chart". For more precise dating cross reference the serial number with the instrument's potentiometer codes.