1958 Gibson EB1 Bass

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1958 was the last year of the EB1's original run.

1958 EB1 characteristics: pearloid inlaid Gibson logo on headstock with "i" dot disconnected from "G" and open "o", two screw plastic truss rod cover with no model name, plastic banjo-style tuners, serial number embossed onto back of headstock beginning with an "8" followed by the production number, 20 fret board, large brown plastic covered 4 pole alnico humbucker pickup at neck butt with poles away from neck, short scale glued in 30.5 inch neck, pearloid dot fret markers, brown violin shaped solid mahogany body with pinstripes and two embossed on F holes, one piece brown pickguard with metal brace, two brown barrel knobs, CTS potentiometers, nickel bar bridge with a hex intonation screw at each of the two mounting poles, input jack plate on body side, strapholder on upper bout, two screw plastic oval controls access cover on body back, white cylindric Cornell capacitor, screw in telescopic upright playing pole, cotoured brown case with purple lining.

Gibson shipped a total of 45 EB1's in 1958. For more precise dating cross reference the serial number with the instrument's potentiometer codes.