1969 Gibson EB0 Bass

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The pearloid inlaid Gibson logo on the headstock sometimes had no "i" dot, or the "i" dot was sometimes included and disconnected from the "G", and the "o" was open. By late year the slotted headstock with no crown inlay was introduced. At this time the Gibson name pearloid logo became glued on. This logo didn't include an "i" dot but the "o" became closed. The tuners changed from Kluson clover riveted tuners with slot head screws or chrome closed gear Japanese tuners to Schaller banjo-type tuners with the Gibson name on the gear cover. The plastic truss rod cover also changed, now including the model name. The neck transitioned from 20 frets to 19 frets and the thumb rest was omitted. The input jack moved from the top to a vinyl plate on the body's side.

Other 1969 Gibson EB0 characteristics: Pearloid dot fret markers, short scale one piece glued in neck, one large chrome four pole humbucker pickup at neck butt, black/white/black/white pickguard, occasionally a chrome hand rest over the strings, two silver top/black witch hat knobs with numbers, volume/tone words and metal position pointers, CTS potentiometers, brass colored grounding shield in pots cavity, two pole tune-o-matic bridge with four intonation adjustable plastic saddles, or occasionally a chrome bar bridge with a hex intonation screw at each of the two mounting poles, strings mute, chrome bridge cover, strapholder on body back, four or five screw plastic controls access cover on body back, molded black tolex case with gold interior, or molded black chipboard case with red interior.

Gibson shipped a total of 3018 EB0's in 1969. For 1969 serial numbers see the "Gibson Serial Number Chart". For more precise dating cross reference the serial number with the instrument's potentiometer codes.