1960 Gibson EB0 Bass

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Late in the year, the banjo type oval plastic tuners which faced out the back of the headstock changed to Kluson reverse clover riveted with slot head screws.

Other 1960 Gibson EB0 characteristics: Pearloid inlaid Gibson logo on headstock with the "i" dot disconnected from the "G" and opened "o", pearloid crown inlay above center on headstock, two screw plastic truss rod cover with no model name, unbound rosewood 20-fret board with dot fret markers, short scale glued in neck, mahogany slab body in Cherry finish with shape resembling the Les Paul Special model, one large black bakelite four pole humbucker pickup at neck butt, one piece black 6 screw pickguard, two black bell shaped knobs with numbers and metal position pointers, potentiometers, "bumblebee" and round orange capacitors, nickel bar bridge with a hex intonation screw at each of the two mounting poles, plastic black/white/black input jack plate on body side, strapholder on body back, two screw plastic oval controls access cover on body back, light brown molded chipboard case with gold hardware and crimson interior.

Gibson shipped a total of 342 EB0's in 1960. The serial number consisted of five digits, ink stamped on the headstock back. The first digit "0" specified the year, followed by a small space, followed by the four digit production number. For more precise dating cross reference the serial number with the instrument's potentiometer codes.