1978 Fender Telecaster Bass

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The bridge became four saddle. String grommets and their body holes were discontinued since the strings no longer passed through the body. The string ends now fastened to the bridge plate. Antigua finish was available.

Other 1978 Telecaster bass characteristics: Headstock decal including an ® mark and serial number usually beginning with an "S8" or a previous "S" year decal applied under the finish (for more precise dating, cross reference the serial number with the instrument's neck butt stamp, pickup stamp and potentiometer codes), Schaller "open back" Fender name imprinted clover tuners with an ® mark and no rivet, bullet shaped truss rod adjustment, solid maple neck with skunk stripe, black plastic dot fret markers, medium jumbo fret wire, neck butt date etc. ink stamps, extra hole on neck butt for hanging while painting, 3 bolt F series neck plate with tilt adjust, non-contoured slab body, neck pocket paint stick etc., extra body holes in neck pocket for hanging while painting, humbucker pickup (often ink stamp dated), black/white/black vinyl pickguard with the volume and tone controls mounted directly onto it, metal foil ground shielding on pickguard horn underside, thumbrest above E string, bridge cover with foam rubber string mute, CTS pots, blue drop tone capacitor, metal foil ground shielding in pots cavity, plastic wiring, round ground wire route underneath bridge, input jack cup, black tolex case with silver plastic logo and orange or rust interior or rectangular plastic case with rust interior.