1968 Ampeg Scroll Bass

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In 1968 the hidden "mystery" pickup was replaced with a more traditional magnetic pickup. The thumb rest was discontinued. The bridge and its chrome cover became much larger. The new model names became AMB-1 (fretted) and AMUB-1 (fretless).

1968 Scroll Bass features: Scroll carved headstock, riveted clover banjo style tuners, fretless or 20 fret board with pearloid dot fret markers, zero fret, black/white/black/white plastic 2 bolt neck plate, 2 "F holes" cut through entire body, logo on black/white/black/white pickguard, two set-screw heptagonal shaped knobs with silver tops, input jack on pickguard, four saddle bridge/tailpiece including serial number, chrome bridge cover with "a" bullseye logo design, two strapholders on body bottom, available in cherry red, white, blue and burnished finishes, black vinyl gigbag or black case with blue or black interior, literature.

Serial numbers beginning with an "M" indicate a prototype. Serial numbers beginning with a "C" most likely indicates a custom order. 1966-1969 serial numbers run chronologically from 1 to nearly 1,200 then start over with the "000" prefix, from 0001 to nearly 000600.