1981-1984 AMPEG SVT

1981-1983 Ampeg SVT

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In late 1981 Ampeg was sold to Music Technology Inc (MTI) of Japan. The SVT went virtually unchanged through the MTI years, other than the plastic badge logo moving from the front left side to the right side.

Other MTI era characteristics: Blackface, white silkscreened graphics with rounded corners, two channels, small black knobs, white rocker switches, white plastic rectangular power switch, red rectangular power light, black grille cloth with plastic badge logo, preamp mounted underneath box top, non exposed fan, thick three prong power cord and outlet on back, fuse, 2/4 ohm impedance switch, four metal cord wraps, black painted chassis, Japanese manufactured transformers, 6550 power tubes, circuit board, capacitors, two spring-loaded recessed metal handles, rougher black Tolex covering applied over black painted wooden box, rubber feet, 8x10 speaker cabinet, literature.

MTI era SVT serial numbers were located on a sticker on the back panel right side. Serial number dating is undocumented and very difficult. Some examples of MTI era SVT serial numbers are 22199x and 33535x. For more precise dating cross reference the serial number with the amplifier's transformer, potentiometer and capacitor codes.