1971 Ampeg Dan Armstrong

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The Formica headstock, truss rod cover, pickguard and resin pickup were now available in black in addition to woodgrain/brown. The pickup was secured in place with a thumb screw through the body.

Other 1971 Dan Armstrong features: Matte finish Formica headstock and truss rod cover, Grover (or occasionally Schaller) tuners, 24 fret maple neck or fretless option, Indian rosewood or ebony fretboard, fret markers, 4 bolt on neck, lucite body, large resin humbucker pickup, 1 ply or 3 ply Formica pickguard with "Dan Armstrong-Ampeg" lettering on a matte finish, Indian rosewood or ebony thumb rest, two aluminum knobs, CTS "D shaft" potentiometers, various capacitors, Switchcraft input jack on pickguard, 2 way selector switch on pickguard, chrome bridge with sandblasting under rosewood saddle and 4 Phillips head mounting screws, usually a metal fretwire on wooden bridge saddle, dual strapholders on body bottom, rectangular black Tolex "Ess & Ess" brand case with black interior, literature.

1971 Dan Armstrong serial numbers were located on the neck butt's side. They ranged from D2451A to D2850A. Serial numbers ending in R (reject) were "seconds" and cost less.