1970 Ampeg Dan Armstrong

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1970 was a transitional year for the Armstrong lucite bass. The mini tuners transitioned from Schaller to Grover with phillips head screws and the four bridge screws were Phillips head. However tuners were occasionally larger paddle Schallers. Early in the year the Formica headstock, truss rod cover and pickguard changed from a smooth finish to a matte finish. During the year (after #1466) the large brown humbucker pickup began to have the resin raised up around the magnet. The pickup was secured in place with a thumb screw through the body. During the year a 2 way selector switch began to be installed onto the pickguard. Also, during the year (around serial number D1560A) a metal fret began to be introduced onto the rosewood bridge saddle. By approximate serial number D2000A the chrome bridge added sandblasting under the rosewood saddle. We've seen the rare 1970 Dan Armstrong factory stock with NO thumbrest.

Other 1970 Dan Armstrong features: 24 fret maple neck or fretless option, Indian rosewood fretboard with small pearloid dot fret markers, 4 bolt on neck, Formica pickguard with "Dan Armstrong-Ampeg" lettering, Indian rosewood thumb rest, two aluminum knobs, CTS "D shaft" potentiometers, capacitor, Switchcraft input jack on pickguard, chrome bridge with rosewood saddle, dual strapholders on body bottom, "Ess & Ess" rectangular black case with blue or black interior and "Presto" latches, literature.

1970 Dan Armstrong serial numbers were located on the neck butt's side panel. They ranged from about D610A to D2450A, although there are many overlapping exceptions. We've done extensive research and realize these serial numbers differ from other websites. Serial numbers ending in R (reject) were "seconds" and cost less.